Why include your product in our Sample Bag?

Placing a sample in our gift bag puts the product into parent’s hands. Having that product at their fingertips lets them try the product, enjoy it, then purchase the product! Not only we are creating consumer product placement and also allowing them to experience it at the right time.

What is a Baby Brands Gift Bag?

The Baby Brands Gift Club creates a gift bag of items for new parents which contains samples, brochures and coupons for mothers to use themselves or for their newborns. We distribute the bag through healthcare professionals whom they trust and rely on for guidance. Brands trust starts when Doctors, Doulas, Nurses or an Educators offers product samples and explain why they should be used and how to use them while they are expecting and after their bundle of joy is born.


Lookbook for Brands

Buyer’s guide helps brand which cannot be accommodated in the gift bags due to several reasons such as size, production cost and transportation reach and engage with parents all across Canada.

Our reliable distribution network guarantees extensive brand and product awareness, while our content keeps parents highly engaged and informed. Seize this unmissable chance to connect with your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

Our Stats

  • 80% of bags distributed are given to first time moms
  • 98% of our bags are distributed through healthcare centers throughout Canada
  • We distribute over 264,700 sample bags every year
  • 100% of our consumers open the gift bags.


43% of the estimated 359,533 births in Canada are to first-time parents. 85% of these parents are between the ages of 25 – 35.

These parents are getting our gift bags and will continue to use your products as their families grow. Why lose a large portion of your target audience when you can deliver your product and have an OBGYN do the market for you? Think of the return you get by providing a product for our gift bag.

85% of your target audience is in the prime age of childbearing and will have one to two more children. This single group purchases many baby products in just one year. A large market will be introduced to your products in the coming year.
New and expecting mothers are likelier to purchase products recommended by healthcare providers than magazines and TV ads. You are saving money while building brand loyalty. Is that an opportunity you can afford to miss?

Our Healthcare Distributors

We’ve over 1700 Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Doulas/Midwives, OBGYNs, Nursing Stations, Clinic and other medical-related Centres assisting us in distributing Gift Bags to new and expecting parents all across Canada.

Canada wide Distribution

These are the following distributors:

Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Doulas/Midwives, OBGYNs, Nursing Stations, Clinics and other medical-related Centres

Email Marketing Campaign

Our Email marketing campaigns allows consumers to connect with your brands, services and products to take them to next step.

Benefits of Baby Show Exhibitions

We will help you achieve this goal by placing your Product in the Babybrands show bag which will be given to new and expecting moms. We exhibit at various baby expos all over Canada to support our brands in connecting with expecting moms.

Our Social Media

Our social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter allow social media users the chance to share your products with friends and family members, bringing increased traffic to your Brand platforms.



How will I receive these sample bags?

The sample bags will be delivered at your address free through courier.

Is there a cost to get these bags?

No, we will not charge you for the bags.


How many sample bags can we get?

You can request sample bags based on the number of patients you see.


How frequently do you ship the bags?

We ship the baby brands gift bag monthly and each carton contains 50 bags.


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