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100% Targeted to new and expecting parents.

1700 Healthcare Professionals across Canada

93% of parents change their buying habits post receiving the Babybrands bags.

65% of our consumers are first time parents and Buyer’s Guide is a platform to educate parents

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The Buyer’s Guide Magazine reaches a significant portion of first-time parents, who are often seeking guidance and recommendations to navigate the unfamiliar territory of parenthood successfully. This magazine is aimed at helping parents embark on their parenting journey with confidence by having the right products.

An impressive 63% of the targeted audience receives the Buyer’s Guide Magazine two months before their due dates. This timing is crucial as it allows them to prepare for the arrival of their baby and make informed decisions about the products and services they may need.

The magazine is exclusively dedicated to Expecting and New Moms, ensuring that all the content and information provided are highly relevant to this specific group of parents. The magazine also has information that new and expecting parnets need to know about the brands and products that are new in the market.

The average age of parents engaging with the Buyer’s Guide Magazine is 29 years old, indicating that it resonates with a young and diverse audience. By providing new parents with the opportunity to try products firsthand, the magazine enhances their confidence in making informed decisions, thus benefiting both the consumers and your brand.

This presents an excellent opportunity for brands partnering with us, as they can gain exposure and have their products included in the gift registries. By aligning with our magazine, brands can reach audience that is actively seeking baby-related items, making it a strategic platform to showcase their products and cater to the needs of expectant and new parents.


  • Cover Page Front & Back
  • Dimension: 11’’ * 8.5”
  • Printable area: Full-page advertisement
  • Circulation: 20,000 copies per month
  • Frequency: 4X Per Year (Quarterly issue)


1. What is the minimum contract term for the Buyer's Guide?

The minimum contract term is 3 months.

2. What is the cost of the Buyer's Guide, and how is it structured?

The cost is $495 + Tax per month.


3. How is the Buyer's Guide distributed?

The Buyer’s Guide is distributed across Canada through our network of healthcare centers.


4. What is the deadline for submitting artwork?

The artwork submission deadline December, March, June ,September

5. Can I advertise two products in the guide?

Yes, your brand has the option to feature two full-page ads in the Buyer’s Guide.

6. What are the payment terms and conditions for the guide?

Payment is required upfront

7. Will the creatives remain the same for three months (1 issue)?

Yes, it remains the same.

8. What are the specifications for creatives?

full-page advertisements of 8.5” x 11” plus a bleed of .125 on all four sides.
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