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Who are Babybrands Partners?

Baby Brands works with a network of healthcare professionals who assists us in distributing sample bags to new and expecting moms that contain items they need for themselves and their newborn. Today we’re proud to say that we work with over 1700 Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Doulas/Midwives, OBGYNs, Nursing Stations, Clinics and other Medical-related Centres

Why become a baby brands partner?

We partner with healthcare centers to distribute the baby brands gift bags in order to reach parents at the right time. These gift bags are filled with samples focusing on new and Expecting moms who are looking for new products that would help them through their journey with their newborn. Receiving the baby brands gift bag at this ideal time allows them to experience it before purchasing.

If you are a healthcare professional and looking to join the Baby Brands Gift Club program for free baby product samples, please click the registration button.



How will I receive these sample bags?

The sample bags will be delivered at your address free through courier.

Is there a cost to get these bags?

No, we will not charge you for the bags.


How many sample bags can we get?

You can request sample bags based on the number of patients you see.


How frequently do you ship the bags?

We ship the baby brands gift bag monthly and each carton contains 50 bags.


Please contact to Learn about the cost.

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