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What Baby Brands Gift Club does

Baby Brands Gift Club has a host of helpful parenting ideas, tips, and gifts for connecting new and expecting parents to brand names. Since 1998, Baby Brands Gift Club has become Canada’s #1 distributor of the Gift Bags to new and expecting parents across Canada, distributing over 252,000 in 2023 through a national network of healthcare and medical professionals and related organizations.

What We Offer

Our FREE Sample Bags gives parents the opportunity to try products, so they can Try it! Like it! And Buy it! We want Canadian parents to be able to make this new parenting time the best it can be. That is why we focus on providing you with valuable savings, special offers, and expert advice.

We make sure that we offer you products from trusted and reliable brands that will suit you and your baby’s needs. We have a network of over 1700 Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Doulas/Midwives, OBGYNs, Nursing Stations, Clinics and other medical-related Centers that assist us to distribute, demonstrate and answer any question regarding the items in the gift bag to new and expecting parents across Canada.

Scan the QR code found in the gift bag or register online and get valuable savings, special offers, and expert advice.


At Baby Brands Gift Club, we reach mom’s first. Therefore, we have a responsibility to provide what we believe to be the best products, offers and information in the market. We take our responsibility seriously, so that we make your life easier.


As parents, we understand the confusion parents may feel when trying to navigate through the mountain of information. Our Vision is to have a positive impact on parents by giving them unique experience through our sample bags that cater to their needs and makes their life easier.

Our employees have raised their hands to make a difference to new parents, and their efforts have resulted in these free sample gift bags. None of the freebies, information, or coupons would be possible without the support of valued employees and product partners.

If you are a brand wanting your products to get into the hands of these new young parents, this program is great for you.

Our Services

Sampling Program

If you want to get your products, samples, coupons, and relevant information into the hands of new and expecting parents, this program is a perfect fit for you. We’ve built a network of over 1700 healthcare centres which includes Hospitals, Doctors, Doulas, OBGYN, and Nurses that assist us in distributing sample bags to new and expecting moms. We distribute over 225,000 sample bags every year all across Canada.

Buyer's Guide

Lookbook for Brands

Buyer’s guide helps brand which cannot be accommodated in the gift bags due to several reasons such as size, production cost and transportation reach and engage with parents all across Canada.Our reliable distribution network guarantees extensive brand and product awareness, while our content keeps parents highly engaged and informed. Seize this unmissable chance to connect with your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

Trade Show

Baby Brands has built its name and trust since 1988 presenting and distributing samples of brands like yours to new and expecting moms at trade shows. When parents receive your product samples in the Gift bags at the trade shows, it creates trust and excitement to try it. If you are uncertain about Exhibiting at the next consumer baby show, we can help you achieve this goal by placing your product into the show bag which will be handed out to new and expecting moms.

Social Media

We also support you through our social media channels which are 100% targeted to new and expecting moms when your product is inserted into the gift bag, helping you drive traffic to your website and your social media pages. We’ve social media pages across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Linked In to help you promote your products, promo codes, discount coupons and much more.

Please contact info@babybrands.ca to Learn about the cost.

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