MOMpreneur Hall of Fame
It's messy, chaotic, exhausting, and the best job you'll ever have!
Today's definition of a woman is complex.
But there is a new breed of moms out there.
These amazing women who really are doing it all!
During our travels we have been lucky enough to meet several.
These are the women who saw a need and filled it with incredible products and services that are unique, useful and are made with love
No one understands your needs
and your babies' needs better than a MOMPRENEUR

Harlow Baby Boutique

Harlow Baby Boutique began as an idea, after the many compliments I received on the items I'd created for my own five children, many people loved my items and asked if I was creating them to sell, this got the idea rolling and a few short months later I decided to follow my heart and do what I love, to sew & create functional, fun and unique items. I love what I do, and I hope it shows in our finished products. Every step of the process, from selecting fabrics, to cutting patterns, to pinning, sewing and packaging products,

Harlow Baby Boutique offers many handmade and unique items for babies, kids, and their parents, too! We offer a small number of premade items, but the main focus is on custom-made items. I will do everything I can to keep the cost as low as possible!

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UC Baby Heartbeat Bear

Dr. Tina I Ureten is the founder and president of UC Baby 3D Ultrasound.

Born in Ankara/ Turkey, she became a physician after 6 years of university education. She went to Switzerland and USA to complete her post graduate training in Nuclear Medicine. At that time she also became a mother of 2. Years later, her desire to help others led to an ultrasound path as she worked as an ultrasound technologist. In 2003, as a mother of two, Tina launched a 3D Ultrasound company –UC Baby - the first Canadian company offering high quality pregnancy ultrasounds apart from government funded ultrasounds. After a few years UC Baby franchised several locations in Canada and today UC Baby has 28 locations and it is the first 3D ultrasound franchisor in the world with that claim.

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Body Benefit Blankets

The truly inspirational Dr. Tina Ureten has done it again! This inspiring mother and grandmother has launched worldwide, her second endeavor! The ORIGINAL Mompreneur, Dr. Tina has brought to the market a unique product that can help you or your child sleep through the night, assist in reducing anxiety and stress and improve the quality and quantity of sleep. Body Benefit Blankets can also improve memory and concentration while increasing energy and focus.

While there are other blankets on the market, there are none like Body Benefit Blankets! These patented weighted blankets do NOT use plastic or glass beads to create the weight that is inside the blanket, they use bio-ceramic beads which have natural minerals with far infrared energy. Truly a unique and wonderful product!

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Confident Carly
by Bernice Schnick

Bernice Schnick embodies the entrepreneurial spirit! For over 10 years she has helped business owners as a Business Coach, empower themselves and expand the inner growth that leads to outer success. Her publishing journey is focused on inspiring stories that teach children life lessons to help them recognize and celebrate their differences.
CONFIDENT CARLY is a children’s book dedicated to every child to help them understand how powerful their thoughts really are. The story of Carly will instill the power that they should always believe in themselves; believe in their dreams; listen to their heart, head and gut. Carly’s journey shows that whatever you set your mind on is possible and to not worry what others think... You can do it! Just follow your feelings; tap inside and be true to who you really are. Your thoughts are powerful, your thoughts are real. Your thoughts will determine your actions; your actions will form your habits; Your habits create your destiny!

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Bébé Station

Mom. Wife. Visionary.

Prior to having my son, I was ALWAYS out at Festivals, concerts, plays, restaurants, events and more. Once I gave birth, I didn't want to stop having fun.

We were out one day at a park, and I casually started nursing my son, and then my hubby changed his diaper after his feeding. I noticed something though: it was hot outside, and there were a lot of parents like us who were struggling with our multiple bags, nursing covers and baby trash bags for disposing of the smelly diapers.Relaxation instead of stress and panic while out with your family.

We welcome moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers to use our services. My motto is that it genuinely does take a village to raise a child. I want to do my part and allow parents to enjoy parenthood with the support of like-minded parents.
Hope to see you at one of our lounges soon!

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Shea Essence
Wholesome Food for Skin

I am delighted to feature hand-crafted and unrefined shea butter from the Tiehisuma Cooperative in Ghana. Here, extraction of this precious oil from carefully selected kernels of the fruit of wild shea trees is still done according to traditional methods passed down through generations of women. The result is an artisanal product of the highest quality, with all its remarkable healing properties intact. And almost all the children of women working with Tiehisuma are in school as a direct result of their mothers’ employment.

Since Shea Essence products are also lovingly and enthusiastically hand-crafted in small batches allowing for care and the highest attention to quality, Tiehisuma, meaning “good thoughts”, is a natural fit with us. I invite you to try Shea Essence Wholesome Food for Skin to discover the lovely difference all-natural products can make in your life. The Shea Essence Team

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Watch Me Grow
Custom Growth Charts

Searching for a unique Gift for a Baby Shower?

I went to a baby shower recently and gave my friend one of these beautiful hand made wooden growth charts and it was the hit of the party!

This is a great gift for new parents! For more information, and to help support local artists, visit the Facebook page for:

This creative lady is a working mother of 2 little ones who finds making these in her limited free time relaxing. Check out this handsome little fellow below to see some other fabulous work this wonderful mom has done recently!

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Furmont Chrismouse

Renata Chubb, a professionally trained Graphic Designer has always been drawn to, and fascinated by, communication – how ideas take shape, form, and expression. All things start with the seed of an idea that has the need to be expressed and communicated. For me design is the process that aids in the communication of an idea or experience, and then the creation of it’s most appropriate and effective form

Furmont Chrismouse is a gift-holding ornament. He comes with twelve Chrismouse Kindness cards and a hardcover storybook that reinforces the message that the true spirit of giving is in small thoughtful gestures and treasures. Everything about this creative process was truly heartfelt.

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Sprout Collection

When women choose to have children, they don't want to compromise on their style, individuality and self-expression. But when Joyce, a corporate lawyer and founder of Sprout Collection, was pregnant with her first child, she searched for maternity clothes that could adapt to her growing body and reflect her sartorial confidence and dynamic lifestyle without breaking the bank. This is how the seed of Sprout Collection was planted!
Sprout Collection provides new and expecting moms a monthly service for looking great and feeling confident at every stage of their pregnancy and beyond with well-tailored and stylish maternity and nursing clothing rentals. You choose 4 maternity or nursing garments every month. When you are done with them, you simply ship them back for a new set of items. Shipping and dry cleaning is on us!
Launched in Spring of 2018 (the same date that Joyce’s daughter was born!)

Maman Bébé Anti-Ondes

Being a mom, an active woman, and passionate about sewing, the idea came to me when I was waiting for my baby to arrive. I was working in an office while I was expecting and I realized one day that I was surrounded by hundreds of devices emitting potentially devastating waves - cell phones, microwave oven, WIFI antennas, tablets, computers, TV ... I knew that none of these were good for my unborn baby, so I used my passion for sewing to create something, using reinforced revolutionary fabric designed to block over 99% of waves, to protect my unborn child.

My Belly Band was born! My Products are hand made in Quebec, with all the love of a mother.You can test for yourself how the Belly Band, hats and other products I make help block these harmful rays.

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Maman Bébé Anti-Ondes

Pour chaque maman, il est naturel de vouloir le meilleur pour son bébé. Etant maman, femme active et passionnée de couture, l'idée m'est venue quand j'attendais l'arrivée de mon bébé, alors qu'au bureau, j'étais entourée de centaines d'appareils émettant des ondes potentiellement dangereuses pour la bonne constitution d'un si petit être-humain encore dans mon ventre.

Ces ondes étaient émises des cellulaires, four micro-ondes, antennes WIFI, Tablettes, ordinateurs, TV... J'ai donc décidé de joindre l'utile à l'agréable, en exerçant ma passion de la couture, et j'ai cousu mon premier bandeau de grosse anti-Ondes, renforcé avec un tissu révolutionnaire conçu pour bloquer les ondes à plus de 99%, pendant & après la grossesse. Mon bonheur est de le partager avec toutes les autres (futures) mamans. Je fabrique mes produits fabriqués à la main, et au Québec, avec tout l'amour d'une maman. Testez vous mêmes avec votre téléphone cellulaire, ça marche! Plusieurs influenceuses (Youtubeuses, Blogeuses, Vlogeuses...) ont fait le teste en direct avec des milliers de mamans de leur communauté.

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