It all started with a Registration Form and a Baby Show...

"Thank you doesn't
seem to be enough"

Melissa and John decided to visit a baby show in Canada in 2017, the rest is history!

January 2018

It was a day unlike any other

9 months before winning the Grand Prize Draw, Melissa and her husband visited a Baby Show to gather information and ideas for the birth of their spring baby.

Thank you doesn't seem to be enough for the gratitude that I have towards.

From the moment I received a phone call informing me I had won a basket, what I thought was a gift basket full of baby supplies lol, to the van officially being ours, you all have been amazing. I will never forget Sunday, January 7th at 10:30 am!

There was a knock at the door and when I opened it, I slammed it almost immediately! I was in my Sunday comfy PJ's and I was NOT camera ready:)

After getting myself a little more presentable, I reopened the door and was greeted by 6 smiling faces! Marni presented me with a lovely basket and asked to see what was inside.
I will always remember peeling back the layer of tissue paper and not believing what I was seeing - the key to our new DODGE CARAVAN!!!

I still find it all hard to believe!!!

Their love and generosity didn't end there, Baby Brands Gift Club informed me they would be taking care of the transfer of ownership and I had nothing to do but get my insurance!

You have given this family a relief and a great start to 2018!! We will be "paying it forward"
And it ALL started with a trip to a baby show and a registration filled in at a booth!
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